Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some questions that we often hear.

Where are you located?

LMNO Design is based out of New Delhi, India. Our collaborators often work remotely.

How can we work with you?

Email us at with your contact details and business brief and we'll get back to you.

How long does it take to set up a brand identity?

It really depends and very often differs from client to client, but on an average we look at anything from two to six months.

How do you put together your teams?

Teams are usually put together based on client budgets, timelines and availability of collaborators. We're extremely fair and transparent through the entire process.

Do you charge a commission on the collaborator's fee?

No, we don't. We're trying to streamline the creative process so that all collaborators are fairly compensated, and produce excellent work. For this to happen we ensure that you pay the collaborators directly, keeping things completely transparent.